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2017-04-03 09:02:37 by zuvizut

I thought I might share an earlier mini-game I created for android.
It's free.

Renaming & Redoing!

2017-03-30 15:12:33 by zuvizut

No longer hero world, but now False Augury!
False Augury will be primarily the same as hero world, but with an extended demo and somewhat rewrite of the story. I don't know when I will send out the newer demo, but I will only do it when I feel it is polished enough.

Unpublished Hero World

2017-03-15 12:54:22 by zuvizut

I unpublished hero world's demo to add some updates to it to balance and improve it.
It doesn't have much replay value as it is just a demo, but I apologize to any who haven't played it, yet.

Hero World & Escape Universe

2017-03-01 21:00:07 by zuvizut

First I would like to mention that hero world is set in a fictional universe, not as a series, but interrelated to several games I plan to make.
After all the plot exposition, hero world is set up as a mission based game.
The types of missions are:

  • Side Missions - Side quests unrelated to the story.
    • Escort
    • Bounty Hunts
    • Protecting people from raids by enemies.
    • Note: I may add future side quests to lengthen the game.
  • Story missions
    • Main Chapters - Chapters of the main story.
    • Secret Chapters - Chapters indirectly related to the story of the game, but aren't mandatory.

You can get a base of operations to house companions to fight along side you on different missions.(limited space)

There are trainers for general skills and other skills.
There are multiple different crafting styles and planned craftable items, weapons and armors.
And that's about it, the rest isn't much, but spoilers.

Now about that fictional universe.
The fictional universe has multiple projects under it, as soon as I complete hero world I plan to go to make another demo for a game called jumper.
Basically, the fictional universe has sci-fi elements mixed with fantasy(tech is powered by elements).
The fantasy takes up most of the fictional universe, but there are developed hi-tech worlds and beings that travel from other worlds.
There are 4 realms currently.
Light, darkness, life and death.
That's all there is to say, thanks for reading!

Hero World Demo

2017-02-21 18:11:58 by zuvizut

I am putting the finishing touches on my game hero world's demo!
I will publish it shortly!

My bad...

2017-02-15 19:58:33 by zuvizut

It turns out that I overlooked something and it is working fine.
Sorry for the misunderstanding...


2017-02-15 18:07:29 by zuvizut

I was adding medals to the game when I encountered an issue with the medals.
I can't add anymore so I had to unpublish it for the time being.

Previous Video

2017-02-09 17:50:20 by zuvizut

I deleted the previous video as it would spoil the potential demo I am about to put out.
Sorry, I want some things to be a surprise.

Hero World Video & Commentary

2017-02-08 11:49:06 by zuvizut

Okay, today I plan to make a video and commentary for hero world's beginning.
After that, I will start on a reinterpreted version of PAC-MAN called Discoverer Dave and the Box of Magical Madness.
It is about a pandora's box like item a discoverer removes from a temple on an uncharted island causing it to release magical and mad beasts and beings across the world.
Now it is up to discoverer Dave to capture all the monsters and put the box back in its place.
Now like PAC-MAN, you collect dots, except they are magical wisps, the enemies have randomized abilities unlike the ghosts and the big dots are temporary weapon drops.

That's all I had to say.
Thanks for reading!

Hero World New Demo!

2017-02-06 07:02:42 by zuvizut

I am just about done with it, but let's go over the previous game for the final time.
I wanted to add that the original concept for hero world was not a game, but a story and a simple one at that.
So simple in fact, I wrote it on an index card.
The original story was about a 'hero' that turned out to be a demon and was going to be executed but is whisked away by a ship piloted by a self-proclaimed god(really not).
That concept wasn't even part of my fictional universe by the name of escape.
I didn't even fully implement it into it in the original.
I am doing that in the new demo as hero world was supposed to be an intro to my fictional universe, to begin with.
It was a really, REALLY bad decision to put so many jokes in it, but I am putting fourth wall breaks back in and a new narrator.
Thanks for reading!